About PMC Energy Ltd

Welcome to PMC Energy Ltd: A growing company formed to help plug the gap in electric power generation
and supply and acute shortage of refined petroleum products in West Africa.

PMC Energy History

PMC Energy Ltd was formed 2012 by a group of experienced and skilled professionals in the electric power and oil & gas sectors.

PMC Capabilites

Our capabilities include consultancy services to the electric power and oil & gas sectors, project development and project management.

The PMC Vision

PMC Energy’s vision is to become a regional leader in the electric power and oil & gas sectors.

PMC Contracts & Services

PMC Energy has worked on many large scale energy projects in Africa. These include but not limited to traditional and renewable energy power projects:

CCGT Development

1,500MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbines in Katsina State, Northern Nigeria

Coal-Fired Plants

500MW coal-fired plant in Benue State, 264MW Coal-Fired plant in Enugu State

Solar Power Plants

20MW Solar Plant in Katsina State and 30MW Solar Power Project in Northern Ghana.

Moshe Zack

Moshe initially served in the Israeli army between 1964 and 1968 and later trained to operate all kinds of earthmoving equipment. He has worked with major construction companies as well as the Ministries of Defence and Works in Israel on the provision of infrastructures such as roads and water. He came to work in Nigeria initially in 1981 to supervise various infrastructure projects before returning briefly to Israel in 1987 to handle railway and housing projects. Moshe returned to Nigeria in 1995 and continues to work for a major international construction company on... (Read More)

Peter Butt

Peter is an electricity industry expert with extensive knowledge of market reform, restructuring and privatisation, regulatory frameworks, value chain and cost structures of power utilities in both advanced and emerging economies...(Read More)

Patrick Ohene-Djan

Patrick possess extensive experience in the energy industry with a deep knowledge and understanding of the cost structure and value chain of power utilities and the oil & gas industry. He negotiated and purchased the entire output of the Johnston Gas field in the UK North Sea, and output from Elgin and Franklin, Trent & Tyne and others. He also negotiated and purchased natural gas from major oil companies such as BP, Mobil, Marathon Oil, Total, BHP and many more. He also supervised the construction of Baglan Bay 600MW combined cycle gas power station in the UK... (Read More)

Mahul Raval

Mahul is an experienced trading and risk management professional who has performed a variety of senior roles within the European energy sector. He has been a trader, trading manager, originator, strategy consultant and an Electricity Trading and Risk Management systems specialist. He has been involved in the European gas and power markets since late 1993. He started his career as an r trad at Eastern Energy/TXU – the largest integrated utility in the UK... (Read More)

Daniel Henn

Daniel is a consulting professional focusing on Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM). Numerous projects in the ETRM space give him a broad overview of the whole value added chain of a utility trading company. He is an international professional and educated to work in an international challenging environment. He was engaged in the ETRM markets in Switzerland, UK, Germany and the Czech Republic serving multinational and national companies. His trading background... (Read More)

Patrick Okonmah

Dr Okonmah attended the University of Benin, Nigeria from 1986-1990, where he obtained the Bachelor of Laws Degree in Second Class Honours (Upper Division) in 1990 and was called to the Nigerian Bar and enrolled as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria on 10 December 1991. He was later appointed a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Benin, Nigeria where he taught various courses including Contract and Commercial law, Constitutional and Human Rights Law between November 1991 and September 1994... (Read More)

Our Partners

PMC Energy Ltd works with the best in the industry. Our partners and constituents are well vetted, established and respected in their respective industries. You can guarantee that if you partner with PMC, you’re partnering with the best.

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